M・Y2 Engineering Works, Hannan Plant

  • M・Y2 INVESTMENT Co., Ltd.
  • Largest 5-face machining equipment.
[Outline of Plant]
*Site area: 11,000m²
*Building area: 3,600m²
[Major equipment of M・Y2 Engineering Works, Hannan Plant]
1.Five-face machining equipment: 2units, made by Shin Nippon Koki Co., Ltd.
 *RB-8VM (Effective distance between columns: 5,000mm, Table working surface size: 15,000×4,000mm Axis movement: X axis 16,250mm, Y axis 5,320mm, Z axis 800mm, W axis 2,900mm)
 *RB-7VM (Effective distance between columns: 4,100mm, Table working surface size: 10,000×3,500mm Axis movement: X axis 11,250mm, Y axis 4,500mm, Z axis 600mm, W axis 2,100mm)
2.Horizontal boring and milling machine: 1unit, made by Kuraki Co., Ltd.
 *KBT-13A (Table size: 1,600×1,800mm Axis movement: X axis 3,000mm, Y axis 2,000mm, Z axis 1,300mm, W axis 700/700/650mm)
3.Overhead crane
 *15t: 20m×2units *15t: 15m×2units *5t: 15m×2units
4. Painting Booth
 *Electric bellows tent : 12,700W×11,000L×6,100H 
  *Air-Supply 415㎥/min × 4 units
  *Exhaust air 415㎥/min × 4 units
  • RB-8VM

    High-precision large five-face machining equipment. This equipment ensures highly efficient continuous machining of various workpieces, including thin, staggered and box type workpieces, through full-stroke 4-axis control. The techniques, such as highly rigid structures and large-diameter quills based on the vertical main shaft, which realize highly efficient machining enable powerful cutting.

  • RB-7VM

    Equipped with two lines of five-face cutting machines having the same functions as those of RB-8VM.
    Continuous working is realized. The2-15-t ceiling cranes ensure smooth working flow lines for carrying-in, machining and carrying-out and realize efficient delivery.

  • Large horizontal boring and milling machine KBT-130A

    Large horizontal boring and milling machine.
    This machine, provided with an NC-controlled 130-mm-diam boring main shaft (W shaft), is suitable for machining of deep workpieces. It can be used for precision machining of medium- and large-size heavy workpieces. It can be loaded with workpieces of up to 12 ton.

大型のショットブラスト、塗装ブース設備 A large shot blast facility and paint booth

  • Our factory provides a shot blasting and painting process in work efficiency for large engine beds and frames.
  • ショットブラスト室、塗装ブース